Samsung launches solar TV remote control

Samsung introduced a solar TV remote control.

One of the features of the novelty is batteries with solar cells. They will be able to recharge from artificial or natural light. In addition, energy replenishment can be carried out via a symmetrical USB Type-C connector.

The new remote control can be charged from natural or artificial light.

Samsung estimates such a remote will prevent 99 million AAA batteries from wasting over seven years. To create it, a new production process was introduced, which includes 24% of recyclable materials, in particular, plastic bottles.

The company also introduced a new type of environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. Some TVs have already been shipped in this kind of box in 2020. Now they will sell all models of the Lifestyle and QLED series.

This solution allows sending up to 200,000 tons of corrugated board for processing per year. Text and graphics on packaging are kept to a minimum, eliminating oil-based color inks.

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