Samsung is working on ISOCELL Vizion ToF sensor for future flagships

The flagships of the first half of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra were equipped with ToF sensors, but the Note 20 Ultra lost such a sensor. It seems that the fact is that the production of these sensors is carried out by Sony, which has an exclusive contract with Apple (those very advanced LiDARs are the work of Sony). But now Samsung is taking control of this issue.

The company will now handle the production of ToF itself. The corresponding trademark ISOCELL Vizion was recently registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

It is classified as class 9 with the following descriptions: optical time-of-flight (ToF) sensors for smartphones, face recognition system including optical ToF sensors, 3D modeling and 3D object measurement using ToF sensors; dynamic vision sensor (DVS), by nature motion sensors for smartphones; proximity detection sensors and dynamic vision sensor (DVS) to detect the shape, proximity, movement, color and human behavior.

From the description, we can conclude that ISOCELL Vizion is a ToF sensor that can be used in both the main and front cameras for the face recognition system.

It is not yet known when ISOCELL Vizion will be ready and in which smartphones it will be installed. But it is possible that the first device will be the flagship of 2021 Galaxy S21 (or Galaxy S30, whichever name Samsung chooses).

As a reminder, the ToF sensor is a 3D camera that can measure depth and distance using light reflected off an object. It can also be used to create a bokeh effect in photos.

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