Samsung is preparing for next year and Galaxy S21 with a stylus, and Galaxy Note 21

It has long been rumored that Samsung is going to merge the flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of smartphones. Now Korean media confirms this information.

According to new data, the next line of Galaxy S21 will receive support for the proprietary S Pen stylus. It is possible that only one of the three models will be equipped with a stylus – the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is also likely that the stylus will not be included in the kit, but can be purchased as an additional accessory.

At the same time, the fate of the Galaxy Note seems to have been finally decided: with the addition of a stylus to the Galaxy S, there will be practically no differences between these series. According to the idea, as a result, there should be two flagship families a year: the regular Galaxy S smartphones and the foldable Galaxy Fold.

But the latest rumors suggest that we will see the Galaxy Note 21 next year, as the company decided to gradually withdraw the once phablets from production. Thus, in 2021 we are waiting for the Galaxy S21 with a stylus, and the Galaxy Note 21, and, most likely, a new foldable gadget.