Samsung gets rid of posts that recently ridiculed Apple

One of the most controversial aspects of the new iPhone 12 lineup is the lack of a charger included. But some manufacturers seem to have chosen to follow suit. What we, in general, guessed about.

Immediately after the presentation of the iPhone 12, some companies could not resist and began to troll the “apple” competitor, including for the cut-down configuration. Of course, Samsung did not miss this opportunity, promising that “a Galaxy smartphone can provide you with everything you need, from a basic charger to the best camera, battery, performance and memory.”

But, apparently, something went wrong, and the company began to get rid of the traces of their trolling. For example, the same post was hastily removed from social networks.

It looks like this is yet another proof that the flagships of the Samsung Galaxy S21, following the iPhone 12, will lose the included charger, which has been repeatedly rumored on the network.

Recall that the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup will be presented on January 14. Then we will find out who will laugh last.

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