Samsung Galaxy S21 flagships won’t get ToF cameras

Samsung has just unveiled the flagships of the Galaxy Note 20 series, and the network has already reported on the 2021 Galaxy S21 smartphones.

According to insider information, the cameras of the future flagships will not have a ToF sensor, which is designed to collect data about the depth of the scene. By the way, there are no such sensors in the Galaxy Note 20 models either, although they were used in the Galaxy S20.

There are several reasons for refusal. Firstly, ToF sensors are inferior to the competitor’s LiDAR – in the iPad Pro tablets (in the iPhone 12 they should also be). Secondly, such a module is useful in the development of augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality applications, but they are not yet so popular, and the potential of these technologies has not been fully disclosed.

Therefore, while Samsung smartphones will not have ToF sensors, but the company does not intend to completely abandon them.