Samsung develops OLED displays based on “stretchable e-skin”

Scientists from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) have unveiled a prototype of a 17 × 7-dot stretch OLED screen that can be glued to the body and used in place of a fitness tracker.

The device is a “piece of skin” with a built-in heart rate monitor. The gadget is made of a polymer compound with high elasticity and modified elastomer. Such material, according to engineers, can withstand up to 30% lengthening of the skin. In addition, tests have shown that even after 1000 stretches, the patch remains in working order.

The gadget is glued to the bottom of the wrist. Due to its snug fit to the body, it reads the pulse better than the same smart bracelets. In the future, engineers also want to connect other sensors to it to track health indicators.

“Thus, we have developed a prototype SHP (Skin-like health care patches) for continuous monitoring of biological signals in daily life.”

Naturally, the development is still at an early stage and scientists have to do even more work before releasing it to the market. Presumably, such a gadget can be used in medicine. For example, to monitor the condition of infants or patients with serious illnesses.

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