Sam Smith explains why he was crying because of the quarantine

Sam Smith became a guest on The One Show, where he admitted that it was not easy for him to survive the lockdown. The singer says he hasn’t spent so much time locked up in a long time. “Yes, it was difficult for me. For the last eight years, I have traveled a lot and during this time I have not stayed at home for more than three weeks, ”– said Sam. But Smith’s sister helped him cope with loneliness.

“I live with my sister, she will be with me for several months. It helps, we have fun together. But still, this time is very strange, ” said the singer. In March, Sam incurred the ire of colleagues and fans by recording a video in which he cries because of the announced quarantine.

Users were especially embarrassed by the fact that in the video Sam is sitting on the porch of his luxurious mansion, while many people were quarantined in cramped apartments with their families. The topic became even more controversial when comedian Ricky Gervais spoke about it. He condemned the “whining” celebrities and recalled that wealthy people with huge houses, courtyards, and private pools have no right to complain in such a situation.

“You won’t hear anything like that from me. After all, some nurses work 14 hours a day, and other workers who risk their health. And I can walk in nature and I have a garden. And other people live in high-rise buildings with three children – what can I complain about? ” Ricky said.

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