Salma Hayek’s domestic owl humiliated Harry Styles

54-year-old Mexican movie star Salma Hayek, in an interview with the host of the daytime show Ellen DeGeneres, told how one day her pet owl, named Kering, coughed up a ball of hair right at the British actor and One Direction boyband member Harry Styles.

“He was really in awe of the owl and hoped that it would walk on his head,” Salma began her story. “The minute he least expected it, she [Kering] flew onto his head, and then a ball of rat hair was on his head.”

However, according to the actress, Harry reacted with dignity to the unpleasant incident and remained “super cool”, despite what happened.

Hayek added that she considers her pet very funny, and sometimes even sleeps with her. This happens when Salma’s husband, French businessman François-Henri Pinault, leaves the city.

“He puts up with many things, of course, but he is not going to sleep with an owl in the same room,” the actress explained because Kering can sit on his head right in the middle of the night or start “hunting” for toes sticking out from under the blanket, thinking that it is the mouse.

The hitman’s Bodyguard star says it’s a little annoying, but she’s used to it and just puts on socks to protect her legs. Salma Hayek is a big animal lover. In addition to the owl, she has dogs, horses, and even an alpaca.

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