“Sally” turns into a hurricane and threatens the US Gulf coast

Authorities say the potential for dangerous storm surge.

Tropical storm “Sully” slowed down on Sunday, heading Northwest in the direction of the American coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

It is expected to make landfall in southern Louisiana as a category two hurricane. It may bring with it heavy rains and dangerous storm surges – water rose above the level expected at the normal tide and caused by a storm or hurricane.

“I know that for many, this storm came out of nowhere,” said Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. – We need everyone to pay attention to it. Let’s take it seriously.”

Forecasters from the national hurricane watch center in Miami predict that Sally will strengthen to a hurricane on Monday and make landfall on Tuesday night. This will create dangerous weather conditions, including the risk of flooding, in the region from Morgan City in Louisiana to Ocean Springs in Mississippi.

Governor Edwards urged people to start preparing for the storm immediately. He also noted that in New Orleans, which may be affected by the arrival of “Sally,” there are still many people who evacuated to this city, hiding from hurricane Laura.

“Based on the available information, we have every reason to believe that this storm poses a significant threat,” he said, noting that the coronavirus creates additional difficulties in preparing for the impact of the elements.

According to forecasters, by the middle of the week, “Sally” may bring a total of 51 centimeters of precipitation. The wind speed inside the storm on Sunday evening reached 95 kilometers per hour.
“It is forecast to bring not only damaging winds but also dangerous storm surges,” said Daniel Brown of the National hurricane watch center. – As it slows down, it could cause massive amounts of precipitation in the coming days.”

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