Ryan Reynolds shares what it’s like to be the father of three girls

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds admitted that fatherhood was a real adventure for him. In addition to the obvious, the fact that he grew up among brothers played a role, which means that raising daughters were a novelty for him. Ryan enjoys taking care of his wife and daughters, but they also become support for him in difficult times.

“No kidding, they are the most gifted people I know. They are the first people I rely on because they are wise, strong and always very calm under fire, ” Reynolds told Access Hollywood.

The actor’s family had four children, but not a single girl, so the birth of daughters was a test for him. But Ryan called it the greatest joy in life. So, he tries to spend as much time with his family as possible.

“I love being a father to girls. I am the youngest of four boys, so for me having three daughters was still an adventure, but I love every second, ” Reynolds added fondly.

Ryan Reynolds has been married to actress Blake Lively for eight years. In October last year, the Hollywood star became a father with many children: his wife gave birth to his third daughter. The baby was named Betty. The couple is also raising five-year-old James and four-year-old Ines.

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