Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Dwayne Johnson and other Forbes Highest Paid Actors of 2020

The coronavirus pandemic, announced by the World Health Organization in March, has hit hard around the world, bringing down the entertainment industry too. This is evidenced by the new rating of the highest-paid actors according to the Forbes magazine: when compared with the same list of world celebrities last year, the composition of the participants looks different. Unless the leader has remained unchanged – 48-year-old actor Dwayne Johnson retained the status of the highest-paid actor on the planet, no matter what.

Johnson made $ 87.5 million, and $ 23.5 million from Netflix for his role in the upcoming movie Red Notice, and also earned money from Under Armor’s Project Rock product line. It is noteworthy that other leaders of the 2020 ranking have also replenished their fortunes thanks to streaming services. Ryan Reynolds, 43, ranked second in the magazine’s rankings, earned $ 71.5 million. He also starred in The Red Notice, as well as another Netflix project, The Phantom Six (6 Underground). The third place in the ranking was taken by 49-year-old Mark Wahlberg with 58 million dollars. Spenser Confidential, with his participation, became the third most-watched Netflix movie.

Other Hollywood stars also entered the top ten of Forbes – Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel, Will Smith, Adam Sandler.

  1. Dwayne Johnson – $ 87.5 million
  2. Ryan Reynolds – $ 71.5 million
  3. Mark Wahlberg – $ 58 million
  4. Ben Affleck – $ 55 million
  5. Vin Diesel – $ 54 million
  6. Akshay Kumar – $ 48.5 million
  7. Lin-Manuel Miranda – $ 45.5 million
  8. Will Smith – $ 44.5 million
  9. Adam Sandler – $ 41 million
  10. Jackie Chan – $ 40 million

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