Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift create a bizarre dating advertisement

An unusual commercial appeared on the Internet. American singer Taylor Swift and Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds worked on its creation. A video called Match Made In Hell promoting a new dating site turned out to be very non-standard.

It featured two characters: a man disguised as Satan and a girl who portrayed 2020. As conceived by the authors, they fall in love with each other thanks to their acquaintance on the new site. Taylor Swift permitted to use part of her own song Love Story, which was recently re-recorded. The original track was released back in 2008 and became the performer’s first world hit.

The plot of the commercial tells about an unusual love story where the devil and 2020 meet, get to know each other, spend time together in an empty stadium for a picnic, in a sports hall closed to the public, in the same empty cinema, steal bales of toilet paper from a public toilet, admire a sky riddled with the lights of falling meteorites, hinting that the year is not yet over. The video ends with the slogan: “Make 2021 your year”.

It is noteworthy that Swift has permitted to use her track, even though her albums are not yet ready for re-release. The singer decided to re-record when she could not buy out the rights to her six albums, but her voice sounded in the video:

“Okay. The re-recordings are NOT ready yet, but my friend Ryan Reynolds asked me if he could use a piece of one song for a funny commercial he came up with. So here’s a piece of Love Story. “

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