Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone answer children’s questions

31-year-old Emma and 44-year-old Ryan, who voiced the main characters in the new full-length cartoon “The Croods 2”, answered the questions of the youngest fans. Since the US premiere will take place on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, the stars admitted that they are not preparing the traditional dinner for this holiday. When asked by the sisters – 4-year-old Georgia and 6-year-old Madigan – the actors replied that they are not the best cooks in the world.

“My favourite thing to do in the kitchen is not to cook at all. I like making macaroni and cheese, but I cook them without milk, only with butter. I take a large chunk of butter, add the powdered cheese, and that’s it. This is the greatest culinary feat I can do, ” Stone said. And Ryan admitted that he loves to conjure over the preparation of cookies: “It’s not difficult, but delicious.”

5-year-old Goldie asked celebrities: what would they do if they had to live in a cave-like the Croods? Emma, ​​who voiced the heroine named Gip, decided that she would hibernate like a bear: “It’s very dark in the cave, so I would always be sleepy.” And Reynolds, who gave his voice to the character Small, together with his family, would arrange a bunch of small ones. “True, those who are below are not very happy,” I tell you as a father. My children love to jump on top of me when I sleep, ” the actor shared with his little fans.

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