Rust adds underwater labs, submarines and fishing

Developers from Facepunch Studios have released a fresh update for the survival simulator Rust.

The game has new dungeons in the form of underwater laboratories, which are generated procedurally. They differ in size and shape. So far, the underwater laboratories have two entry points.
Inside you can find an extensive surveillance camera network to connect to, microphones in some rooms to broadcast their teams throughout the base, and a dining room where you can play high-stakes poker, listen to music, and cook food.

To get into the underwater laboratories, players will need another innovation – submarines, which can be bought from boat shops in fishing villages.
A two-seater boat received internal access to fuel and a dashboard with an elementary locator, and a single-seater was given external access to fuel and was deprived of instruments.

Both submarines can launch two types of torpedoes: torpedoes that shoot forward, and torpedoes that rise to the surface and move along it. Torpedoes can be purchased from the fishing village vending machine or you can make your own.

Plus, the handcrafted rods are now fully functional. For catching, you can use a variety of food with different value as bait. Players can also randomly find worms and larvae when gathering resources or harvesting plants.

So far, eight types of fish have been added to the game – from herring, anchovies and sardines to yellow perch, catfish, small sharks and salmon. Different types of fish have different conditions for catching, including the quality of bait and water, depth and location.

The authors also changed the visibility and lighting underwater and added a shark, which, with a certain chance, can appear on every dive to patrol the area and guard some loot.
An underwater gun, which you can make yourself, will help you defeat the shark. You can shoot from it only under water.

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