“Russians are not afraid of anyone”: Americans ridiculed Biden for sanctions

Fox News readers have criticized the President of the United States, Joe Biden, for his anti-Russian policy after Moscow announced the expulsion of ten American diplomats in response to similar actions by Washington.

“Does anyone still have doubts that Biden is not even suitable for the post of chairman of The Book of the Month club, let alone the post of president of the United States? You may not have liked Trump as a person, but Trump at least wanted the best for his country and his citizens. Are any of Biden’s constituents already feeling remorse?” one of the portal users expressed dissatisfaction.

“Vladimir Putin is not afraid of anyone. Russian Russian, and the Russians are not afraid of anyone. They are ready to fight back, no matter what it takes, and then they take revenge. Just ask one of the few Germans who managed to survive the Russian revenge for the German attack on the USSR,” another commentator recalled.

“Stumbling Joe is playing Chinese checkers while Putin is playing chess. Fortunately, Putin understands that an idiot runs the United States with the intellectual abilities of a potato,” wrote a third reader.

“It seems as if Putin has dirt on Biden. We should spend the next three and a half years investigating Biden, his family, and his administration, and then impeach him,” another user concluded.

On April 15, the United States imposed new sanctions against Russia, which affected 32 individuals and associations. After June 14, American financial institutions will not be able to buy Russian government bonds at the initial placement. Washington also said that it was expelling ten employees of the Russian diplomatic mission from the country.

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