Russian Intelligence spreads Fakes about Coronavirus in the United States

The Associated Press (AP) and The New York Times (NYT) have published articles on how Russian intelligence is waging a disinformation campaign about the coronavirus.

According to the publications, two ex-officers of the Russian intelligence service, ‘known as the GRU,’ Alexander Starunsky, and Denis Tyurin, published false materials about the coronavirus pandemic on the websites InfoRos, and The media cite declassified intelligence materials and their sources.

In total, about 150 articles about the pandemic have been published on the portals since May. These texts spread the version of the American origin of the coronavirus or that the pandemic is an “experiment to manipulate the world.”

Mr. Starunsky and Mr. Tyurin are the managers of This portal, besides its own, also has the sites and Sources of the publications claim that the managers previously worked in Russian intelligence. Also, the FBI is allegedly investigating the activities of the Strategic Culture Foundation, an analytical center that publishes materials on politics. The FBI believes she may have links to Russian intelligence.

Earlier, the US and EU have repeatedly accused Russia of spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. Moscow denies this. The Kremlin previously called the accusations unfounded.