Russian communications satellite burned out in the atmosphere

The first Russian communications satellite “Meridian”, which was launched in 2009, . However, researchers do not know if the device burned out completely or if unburned debris fell to Earth.

According to the US Air Force, the Russian military communications satellite Meridian, which was launched into orbit in 2009, burned up over Antarctica after it entered Earth’s orbit. You can find out about this at

As noted by the US military, the device entered the earth’s atmosphere on April 23 at 7:48 am Moscow time. It was recorded over Antarctica at a point with coordinates 59.7 degrees south latitude and 147.1 degrees east longitude. However, the researchers do not know whether the device was completely burned up or the unburned debris of the satellite fell to the Earth.

The satellite was launched using a Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle in May 2009. It was put into an off-design orbit, but used for its intended purpose.

After the first launch, Russian engineers launched seven more Meridian satellites during 2006-2014. At the same time, several of them were unsuccessful: the first device did not work due to the breakdown of a sealed container with space debris, the second was put into an off-design orbit, and the fifth satellite could not be put into orbit. The rest of the warranty devices will operate for seven years.

Initially, the Meridian satellites were invented to provide communication between ships and aircraft in the area of ​​the Northern Sea Route. Also, the devices are needed to expand the capabilities of the network of satellite communication stations in the northern regions of Siberia and the Far East for the development of the economy.

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