Russia presented the US with a bill for 660 thousand dollars for “humanitarian aid”

Initially, the Russian press referred to the delivery of medical equipment and special protection equipment as “humanitarian aid.”

Russia billed the United States almost $ 660,000 for a shipment of medical supplies containing thousands of items not usually used by American doctors – including chemical gas masks and rubber gloves used for home cleaning. This is evidenced by government documents that owned ABC News journalists, the channel reported last Friday.

The “humanitarian” cargo also included 45 ventilators that could not be immediately used because they were designed for a voltage of 220 volts (in the US, all electrical appliances are designed for a voltage of 110 volts). Two sources in the administration told ABC about this.

It remains unknown how useful the Russian cargo delivered to New York’s John F. Kennedy airport was for nearby hospitals. The Federal government said that the shipment of Russian aid was transferred to the authorities of the States of New York and New Jersey. They have not yet responded to the TV channel’s question about whether the cargo was transferred to hospitals or remained in a warehouse.

Russia also handed over thousands of respirators, surgical gloves, medical workwear, and antiseptics to the US.

However, the composition and cost of the cargo, which was not previously reported, contradict the public statements of the Kremlin and President Donald Trump, raising the question of what exactly was Moscow’s goal in sending a batch of “humanitarian aid” to the United States. It is possible that the main goal was the Kremlin’s desire to conduct a high-profile PR campaign. Representatives of the American intelligence community call such “special operations” disinformation campaigns.

“I don’t care about Russian propaganda,” Trump told reporters at a briefing on April 2. The President said that the offer to deliver the cargo came to him from Russian President Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation between the leaders of the two countries.

“He offered a lot of medical, high-quality products that I accepted, and it can save a lot of lives. I would take it daily,” Trump said.
Russian state media reported that Russia provided “humanitarian assistance” to the United States, which new Yorkers received “with gratitude.” The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Kremlin covers half of the cost of the cargo, and the US authorities will cover the remaining half.

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