Russia called the United States a “really weakening power”

The first deputy representative of Russia to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, replied on Twitter to the former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, which country can really be called a weakening power.

Earlier, McFaul assessed the first tests of the Russian nuclear submarine Belgorod in the White Sea and noted that Russia “is still called a weakening power.” In his opinion, many sectors of the country’s economy are in decline, but not the intelligence services or the military-industrial complex.

“After serving in New York for more than three years, I have no doubts about which country is a weakening power. In the United States, spending is growing only on intelligence and the military, to overthrow the legitimate authorities and kill the innocent! ” Polyansky said.

He added that Washington calls this a “rules-based international order,” which is synonymous with decline.

Earlier, former US President Donald Trump accused Russia of humiliating the country under the current head of state Joe Biden. “China, Russia, and Iran humiliate our country. Joe Biden is destroying our country before our eyes,” the politician said.

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1 thought on “Russia called the United States a “really weakening power””

  1. Russia knows they would get there ass kicked by the United States. That’s why they haven’t went into Ukrain Also China knows better to fuck with the United States that’s why they haven’t took a shot in the South China Sea. There fighter pilots have no chance against American fighter pilots. We have to much war experience in the last 2o years.


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