Russia called on the United States to join the moratorium on the deployment of the INF

Russia is calling on the United States and its allies to join a moratorium on the deployment of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles proposed earlier by Moscow, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday.

“One of the current concerns is that we no longer have a Treaty on the reduction of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles. Russia believes that the time has come to put an end to the unproductive and useless game of making mutual accusations about who contributed to the collapse of this Treaty, and to make every possible effort to avoid an arms race in the post – INF Treaty period,” Ryabkov said, speaking at the Russian-American forum “Fort Ross Dialogue.”

He said that Russia has pledged not to deploy INF in the region where similar American systems will not appear. “We call on the United States and its allies to declare a similar moratorium,” the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said.

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