Russia assessed the impact of US sanctions on the construction of the Nord stream-2″

US sanctions will not be able to stop the construction of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline. This was stated on May 3 by the head of the International Committee of the Russian Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev.

“It was about a month before the completion of the “Nord stream-2″ project, but as you know, the United States intervened, which is haunted by the European gas market. Another preposterous pretext, another sanction, and the completion of construction are postponed. But, of course, it is not curtailed,” he said.

This situation demonstrates the need for a secure and equal world in which there is no single “sovereign” driven by national selfishness against the allies.

In December, the US imposed sanctions against “Nord stream-2.” For this reason, the Swiss company Allseas, which is engaged in the construction of the gas pipeline, withdrew its pipe-laying vessels from the Baltic Sea and stopped work.

Alexander Novak, the head of the Ministry of energy, noted that 2.3 thousand km of the gas pipeline has already been laid. Russia will be able to complete the remaining segment itself.

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