Russia and the US have started a new round of talks on extending the Start-3 Treaty

The head of the US delegation, Marshall Billingslea, said that “the US is ready for a serious dialogue.”

Representatives of Russia and the United States had begun the third round of negotiations on nuclear arms control in the capital of Austria, at a time when the Start-3 Treaty, concluded in 2010, is coming to an end.

The two-day meeting in Vienna is being led by the US President’s special envoy for arms control, Marshall Billingslea, and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“The US is ready for serious dialogue,” Billingslea tweeted on arrival.

The subject of discussion is the Start 3 Treaty – the last existing arms control treaty between the two countries.

A bilateral Treaty that limits the number of deployed nuclear warheads of the distant radius of action for each party will expire in February.

The first two rounds of talks between the US and Russia took place in June and July with no apparent breakthrough on the possible extension of the Start-3 Treaty.

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