Russell Crowe to feel guilty for winning the 2001 Oscars

In 2001, Russell Crowe won an Oscar as The Best Actor for his role in Gladiator movie. Recently, in an interview, the 56-year-old actor admitted that at that moment he was tormented by a sense of guilt, so he could not enjoy his finest hour. Crowe believes that he “didn’t deserve” all the accolades he received with the award because “the film’s success was brought by its director,” Ridley Scott.

‘After my role in Gladiator, I received so many accolades and awards. And obviously, it took me to the next level, ‘ Russell began. He remembered watching “Gladiator” when it was shown in the Roman Colosseum.

‘I watched the film and thought: this is the director’s film. Why did I get all the attention if this award was to go to Ridley Scott? ‘ Russell shared.

Earlier in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Crowe admitted that at first he almost turned down the role in “Gladiator”. He said that filming the film was a “unique experience” in part because “the original script was really bad.”

He was just really bad. I read it and thought: “Okay, um … Yeah,” – said the actor. Despite this, Crowe agreed to the role after talking to the director.