Rupert Grint admits a return to Harry Potter movie

Actor Rupert Grint only got his personal Instagram account late last year. The impetus for such an act was the birth of a long-awaited daughter in the actor’s family.

The baby was named with the unusual name Wednesday, which translated from English means the week “Wednesday”. Since then, fans have been closely following the performer’s personal life of the role of Harry Potter’s best friend and his creative plans.

The other day Rupert admitted to fans that he does not exclude the possibility of returning to the mysterious and mysterious world of Potteriana.

“It was a big chunk of my life, and I am very proud to be involved in all of this,” the actor said in a chat with

When fans of the film were asked if they could ever see Ron Weasley again, the 32-year-old actor replied, “I don’t know. Never say never. I will never tell. Definitely not”.

The star of films about a young wizard confessed his love for his hero and his story, confirming that he is ready to plunge into these amazing adventures again.

“I am happy to repeat this experience if the time is right. I don’t know how appropriate it would be, but I’m ready. Let’s see. “– the actor reassured the fans.

Grint played the youngest of the Weasley brothers in all 8 films of the saga, which filmed from 2001 to 2011. It was a real revelation for the artist that the saga is already 19 years old.

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