Rumor: Christian Bale may return to the role of Batman

Insiders assure that the actor is in talks with Warner Bros. about participation in “The Flash.”

The development of a solo film about “The Flash” began back in 2013. The script was rewritten several times, and the directors replaced each other in this post. Some time ago, the situation stabilized. The creators announced that the film will introduce a multiverse and that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton may return to the Batmen’s roles. The director’s chair of the film was taken by Andres Muschetti, author of the “It” dilogy. The filming period has already begun. However, apparently, the script continues to change. One of the insiders close to the production said that the studio is in talks with Christian Bale about his return to the Dark Knight role in the upcoming tape. According to rumors, the actor may replace Keaton.

Despite confirmed involvement with Tim Burton’s Batman storyline, Keaton recently questioned his return to the iconic character. The details of what is happening to remain secret. Someone thinks that in “The Flash”, it will be possible to see three Batmen at once, and someone adheres to the position of replacing Keaton with Bale.

When it became known about the studio’s plans for a multiverse and the possible return of Affleck and Keaton, fans began to debate about a repetition of the iconic image and Bale. The actor then said that he did not mind trying on the Dark Knight costume again, but only with Christopher Nolan’s consent, the director of the latest Batman films at the moment.

“The Flash” is slated to premiere on November 3 next year.

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