Rudraksh Jaiswal thanks Chris Hemsworth for “Extraction”

The action movie “Extraction” was voted the most-watched film on Netflix in the summer, and, as it turned out, not only the audience but also the actors involved in it admire the tape. The film was a real turning point in the life of Rudraksh Jaiswal, who played Ovi Mahajan, who was captured by the competitors of his father, a drug lord. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the actor said that he will always be grateful to “Tyler Rake” for meeting Chris Hemsworth.

The thing is that the star of “Torah” not only saved the hero Rudraksh in the plot of the film but also became his mentor on the set. Jaiswal said that his school years were full of bullying and harassment, and only working on “Tyler Rake” changed everything.

They bullied me at school, tried to knock me down, and every day I walked home in tears, the actor admitted.

Rudraksh noticed that Hemsworth became a real idol for him and helped to reveal all the best in himself.

If I get stuck or need advice, I always turn to him. He helped me improve my acting technique, taught me the art of dialogue and the ability to pause between lines, spoke about the contribution of Chris to his career Jaiswal.

“Extraction” was the debut directorial work of Sam Hargrave, known as the stunt coordinator of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. The script for the tape was also written by one of the authors of “Finale” Joe Russo.