Royal Family Accused of Fraud: Prince Philip’s Will Scandal

Prince Philip, husband of Elizabeth II, passed away this April at the age of 99. Of course, the Duke’s descendants will not be left without a solid inheritance, but it is this that raises many questions from the public.

The fact is that the royal family and the judges plan to keep the text of the will a secret. QC Lord Wolfson assures that family representatives can hide the will of Prince Philip if it is “undesirable or inappropriate.”

But the public is not satisfied with such excuses, because we are talking about a solid 30 million pounds (3.1 billion rubles) and, in fact, where they came from.

Financial expert David McClure has called on the royal family for transparency in a rather harsh manner.

“If that’s okay for ordinary Britons, why isn’t it okay for the royal family? The reason why the will is hidden is fraud. It has not been eradicated in the palace to this day, ”an expert for The Sun says boldly.

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Author: John Kessler
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