Rouhani says Iran is happy about Trump’s election defeat

The President of Iran called the current head of the United States a terrorist.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called US President Donald Trump a terrorist and noted that the Islamic Republic is happy with his defeat in the elections. The politician made the corresponding statement on Wednesday.

“Some say that we are encouraged by the coming of Joseph Biden to power [in the United States]. It’s not, but we’re pleased that Trump is gone.” he said. “This man who committed crimes, killed people, and was a terrorist, and even prevents the importation of the vaccine to Iran.” The country’s state television broadcasted the Iranian president’s speech.

Rouhani expressed hope that “the vote of the US people for Biden is a vote in favor of complying with the laws, not violating them.” “This is a vote for the performance of the obligations instead of giving up on them,” he said.

The Electoral College on December 14 approved the results of the voting in the US presidential election, according to which Biden will become the new head of state. In support of the Democrat, 306 electors spoke and favored the incumbent Republican President Trump-232. To become president of the United States, the candidate must receive 270 votes.

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