Rose McGowan got into a car accident and showed a photo from the hospital

Rose McGowan announced that she had broken her arm and posted a photo from the hospital on Instagram. In the microblogging, the actress noted that misfortune happened to her when she walked the stairs and read about the results of the presidential election.

“Reading about the US election results while walking up the stairs = breaking a bone,” Rose wrote. We will remind, McGowan openly criticizes both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Also in her publication, the actress criticized the state, comparing the cost of treating her fracture in America and Mexico, where she is now. “In Mexico, a doctor’s appointment cost $ 250, while in California they ask for $ 10,000 for the same services. The US is not a land of freedom, it is a land of inflated value, ” said Rose.

In the comments, the star explained to fans why she is now in Mexico. “My father lived in Mexico for many years, my uncle and aunt live in San Miguel de Allende. I came here to heal internally, and it helps, ” McGowan wrote.

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