Rosario Dawson congratulates her boyfriend on his political victory

Recently, 41-year-old actress Rosario Dawson posted on Instagram a black-and-white joint photo with her boyfriend, 51-year-old politician Corey Booker. Thus, the movie star congratulated the man on his re-election to a seat in the New Jersey Senate.

“I am so proud of you and grateful to you, my love. I voted for you here in New Jersey, and I am so glad that you won by right and with an overwhelming majority, ” she said to her lover online, adding that the Booker election had a record turnout.

On his own account, Corey expressed gratitude to all New Jersey residents for the faith they gave him.

Dawson and Booker have been dating since the fall of 2018, and they met at a political fundraiser for a mutual friend. At the time, they had very busy schedules, but they were able to make time for dates.

Insiders in the Washington Post managed to find out that the lovers maintained close contact during their separation. And Booker, who previously did not like to share the details of his personal life, even said that “I have never been so completely devoted to the relationship and was not so vulnerable.” Recently, the couple began to live together, and fans are already wondering when the novel will be released on the “wedding line”.