Ronaldo explains why Maradona wore two watches

Former Brazilian striker Ronaldo spoke about the deceased legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona and told the story about him.

“Diego has left an amazing legacy in football. Its loss is tough to accept. The news of his departure took me by surprise and greatly saddened me. I send my love to the Maradona family. He changed the lives of many people, and I will always be eternally grateful for his inspiration.

One of the first time Maradona visited me in Madrid, we had dinner. Diego came with two hours and said that he would not leave the house otherwise. I asked why exactly two clocks, and he explained that it was a gift from his daughter and that he never takes it off. At the end of dinner, Diego took off one watch and presented it to me. I didn’t want to take them, but he got angry and I had no choice. I will keep these hours until the end of my life as a reminder of Diego’s generosity and our friendship, ”Ronaldo quotes the Mirror.

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