Romain Grosjean will not participate in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

French “Haas” pilot Romain Grosjean, who had an accident at the stage of the Formula 1 championship in Bahrain, will miss the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, according to the website of the American team.

Grosjean will fly out of Bahrain and return to Switzerland, where he will receive medical treatment for burns on the back of his arms. Brazilian Pietro Fittipaldi will replace Grosjean at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, as well as at the Sakhir Grand Prix. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which will be the last stage of the Formula 1 championship this season, will take place on December 10-13.

“It’s very sad that I will not be able to hold my last race in Abu Dhabi and be there with the team,” said Grosjean. “We tried our best with the doctor to heal my arm, but the risk for my recovery is too great. The decision was made, that I will not race. This is one of the most difficult decisions of my life, but certainly one of the wisest. I will miss the team but will support them, as always. “

The area of ​​the Sakhir highway, where the accident of Grosjean occurred, was strengthened.

Grosjean on November 29, on the first lap of the race on the Sakhir track, while making a manoeuvre, collided with the pilot of Alfa Tauri Daniil Kvyat. The French car flew off the track, crashed into the fence and burst into flames. Grosjean’s car was seriously damaged. The safety rail, into which Grosjean crashed, was pierced through. The driver left the car on his own, receiving minor burns to his limbs, and was taken to the hospital for further examination.

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