Rockstar will help reduce downloads in GTA Online with the help of an enthusiast

Remember Github user t0st who found a way to cut downloads in GTA Online? So, he was right, and Rockstar decided to take his work.

The developers of GTA Online have officially confirmed that the t0st download reduction method actually works. In his investigation, the programmer wrote that Rockstar will be able to solve the problem in a couple of days, but the company will need much more time.

According to PC Gamer, the company itself checked the efficiency of the method, realized that it was effective, and is now preparing to make changes to the game itself with the next update.

“After careful investigation, we can confirm that t0st did find an aspect of the game code related to the download times of the PC version of GTA Online that could be improved. As a result of this research, we have made some changes that will be included in the upcoming update for the game. “

The t0st method reduced download times by 69%, but Rockstar did not specify if they would be able to achieve this result. It’s also unclear if the update will make it to consoles.

Recall that the whole problem was in the in-game files and the poorly optimized algorithm for checking them. The game took too long to read, which meant that gamers could wait five minutes to load. Learn more from the previous news.

Rockstar also decided to reward the craftsman with a sum of $ 10,000 through the H1 program, which was created for catchers of bugs and holes in the security system, but they made an exception for t0st.

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