Robots made a rumor that is inspired by a bat

In the new model of robots, they made a rumor that was inspired by the device of the body of bats. Now they are much better oriented in space.

The researchers explained that bats can pinpoint the location of sound very accurately. So they developed a positioning system that combines a bat-like ear structure with a deep neural network to accurately pinpoint sounds within half a degree. At the same time, human ears can detect sound with an error of 9 degrees, and the new system – 7.5 degrees.

The system was installed in the outer ear, creating a Doppler shift associated with the sound source. The team trained a neural network to provide a source direction for each received echo. And unlike human-inspired systems, it only needs one receiver and one frequency.

This technology cannot yet be applied to real robots, but scientists are already seeing how their technology helps them navigate complex spaces. For example, they made robots for farmers that harvest with high precision, biodiversity monitors, and military devices that navigate difficult terrain with little data.

Previously, the snake-like robot was taught to slide underwater. It could be used to check the condition of ships, submarines and infrastructure underwater, researchers say.

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Author: John Kessler
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