Robots have been taught to chase other robots

Scientists have unveiled a new technology that helps devices follow each other. In the future, they will replace robots that need to be controlled manually.

Vespa has unveiled technology that helps robots follow each other. To do this, they equipped them with a robot dog – Spot from Boston Dynamics. In the future, this method will allow devices to track people and carry up to 18 kg of cargo. The researchers suggest they can improve industrial automation.

“Most robotics companies view the world as a space of obstacles,” said Greg Lynn, CEO of PFF o ffi cer. “We decided to take the opposite approach, so we decided to investigate how robots and humans physically move through space.”

Scientists noted that this method will speed up the process of replacing remotely controlled robots moving along predetermined routes in mapped environments. They will be replaced by devices that achieve their goal due to the technology of following a specific landmark.

The new concept of positioning, modeling, communication and data analysis was placed on the platform of the Spot robot. Their idea is to eliminate joystick control while preserving the functionality of the robot. The team sees the follow the leader technology as useful in the autonomous trucking industry.

“This technology provides an intuitive user experience and opens the door to collaborative robots that can assist live personnel,” said Aviad Almagor, vice president of Emerging Technologies, Trimble. “In the future, they can help construction professionals in their daily work, transport heavy equipment, and improve efficiency and safety at work.”

For two months, Trimble conducted tests using a Spot robot equipped with laser scanning and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) sensors. The researchers decided that the tests were successful.

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