Robotic arm can pick fruit or punch walls

This robotic arm can pick fruit or punch walls. About the capabilities of the wearable device writes The Verge.

Developed by researchers at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada, the hydraulic lever is mounted on the user’s thigh and allows the use of a three-fingered manipulator to perform a number of tasks.

According to IEEE Spectrum, the hand has three degrees of freedom, can move at a speed of 3.4 m/s, and lift 5 kg of weight. The manipulator is quite light and weighs only 4 kg, about the same as a real human hand. However, it uses a very large external power source, which is connected via a short cable, limiting user mobility.

A hand can imitate the movements of the owner, speeding up various work: for example, picking fruit or drawing. She can act as an assistant, holding items in the workshop, or transferring tools. And if you need to break through a wall of drywall, the manipulator can do this.

An external power supply, of course, imposes some restrictions, but they can be insignificant if the user works in one place (in the workshop) or the power source moves on wheels.

Robot hand help

However, now the hand is not ready for implementation in production, because now the device “does not think” for itself, in fact, it is controlled by a third party. When it has artificial intelligence, it will be able to accurately reproduce the desired actions, helping a person at work and at home.

Author: John Kessler
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