Robot surgeon simplifies knee replacement

A hospital in Colorado, USA, uses a new robotic machine – ROSA. The authors of the development are confident that it will make knee replacement more convenient for patients.

Parker Adventist Hospital recently started using the ROSA knee system to help doctors be more accurate during surgeries.

Dr. Derek Johnson, surgeon and director of the hospital’s orthopedic department, spoke to FOX about the benefits of the new system.

“Traditionally, in knee replacements, we use aids and guides to perform the operation,” he explains. – Most of the operations are performed by touch. You have to rely on your own experience. ”

In most cases, the operations are successful, but the connection diagram of the ligaments does not always coincide with their real location.

This is where ROSA comes in. It helps doctors make adjustments in fractions of a millimeter. According to Derek Johnson, early ROSA reviews show that more precise surgeries will allow patients to recover faster from surgery.

Johnson has already performed nearly 2,500 knee replacements and is happy to have a robotic surgeon now helping him.

The knee is the joint located in the middle of the leg. A joint is the point at which one or more bones converge. The knee joint consists of the end of the femur, the patella, and the end of the tibia.

The knee replacement surgery itself lasts on average about two hours. The surgeon removes the damaged cartilage and part of the bone and then installs new metal and polymer articular surfaces to restore the axis of the limb and the function of the knee joint.

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