Robot dog checks the distance between people in Singapore

Spot robot dog checks distance between people in Singapore park. So the authorities want to reduce the number of employees who are required to patrol territories and monitor compliance with restrictions during a pandemic.

Singapore authorities began using the four-legged robot company Boston Dynamics to remind visitors to the park about a safe distance from each other. Several Spot will patrol Bishan Ang Mo Kio City Park for two weeks, broadcasting pre-recorded messages that “you must keep the required distance.”

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Singapore has no strict prohibition on walking or jogging alone. However, the authorities are demanding that the population observe restrictive measures and a safe distance.

The robot is equipped with cameras that will be used to estimate the number of visitors to the park, but the National Parks Council of Singapore notes that they will not collect personal data or use videos to identify themselves. If the tests are successful, robots can be used further, and in other parks.

The use of robots will reduce the need for personnel to patrol the territory, authorities are sure. According to the local newspaper The Straits Times, officials also want to launch robots on city streets.

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