Robbie Williams removed his wife’s toenail

Robbie Williams’ wife, Ayda Field, shared a video with her followers on Instagram in which she showed her husband removing her toenail. The actress explained that a few months ago, she hit her little finger and damaged a nail.

“I thought it would recover, but it turned black and started to come off. And at the same time, he was sick. I’ll take it off because I never pulled my nails out, ” Ayda said in the video before Robbie took the tweezers and ripped out the nail on his wife’s pinky. “No pain, no result. And there is no nail, ” Field captioned the video.

Ayda’s impressionable subscribers were horrified by her procedure. But many at the same time appreciated the colour of the actress’s nails.

Robbie and Ayda celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last year. The couple married after four years of relationship and raised four children: 8-year-old Theodora, 6-year-old Charlton, 2-year-old Colette and one-year-old Benedict.

A couple of months ago, 47-year-old Robbie said he began to go bald in an interview rapidly. This is especially perplexing for the singer because, in the 1990s, he even received an award for his hair. Robbie admitted that he is concerned about his appearance but has not yet found a way to restore his hair. Williams noted that he tried to fight baldness in different ways and even did a hair transplant seven years ago, but it only gave a temporary effect. According to Robbie, he uses a special powder to mask the “gaps” on his head.

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