Road for self-driving cars to appear in the USA

In the United States, the first draft of a road was presented on which autonomous cars will be trained and tested. Its length will be 60 km, the first section will be built by 2024.

Michigan will work with Cavnue and Alphabet to build a 64 km road that will connect downtown Detroit to Ann Arbor. This route will provide access to the University of Michigan, Detroit City Airport and Michigan Central Rail Station. On this road, companies will test autonomous vehicles.

In the first phase of the project, Cavnue will test potential technology and roadway design. The firm will work with other companies like Ford, GM, BMW, Toyota, and another Waymo subsidiary. Together they will develop standards for road marking and road surface for autonomous vehicles across the country. In the future, both trucks and personal vehicles will be able to use this road.

“What we will start doing today will be the right step both for business development and for the economy as a whole. We’re taking the first steps to build the infrastructure that will help us test and deploy the cars of the future, ”said Michigan Gov. Grehen Whitmer.

Aplhabet expects to present the initial project within 2 years. Construction will begin only after the state government accepts and approves these plans. The company notes that by 2024 they will be able to build part of the track, which can already be used for training and testing autonomous vehicles.

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