Ring introduced a drone with a camera for home security

For several years now, Ring has been producing “smart” security systems for the home, including doorbells, cameras and other devices.

The company went further and presented a drone with a camera that can fly around the house along predetermined routes, and also automatically reacts to the security alarm and starts broadcasting to the user’s smartphone if he is not at home.

After such a “walk” the drone returns to the charging station, and after the first launch of the drone you can create a map of the house and mark where it is. Thanks to this, you can then remotely send the drone, say, to the living room and check if the window is open there or not.

Ring Always Home Cam records video with Full HD resolution and is activated only during takeoff, that is, there is no point in installing a charging station in a place with a good view – you can hide it. The camera is intended for indoor use only.

There is no exact date yet when the drone with the camera will go on sale. We only know that it will be possible to buy it next year for $ 250 (approximately 19,300 rubles). What do you think? Would you buy yourself one?