Rick and Morty’ directors show an Excerpt from the Season 5

Adult Swim has released a couple of exclusive videos in conjunction with their acclaimed animated series.

First off, Adult Swim and showrunner Dan Harmon delighted fans with a raw snippet from the upcoming fifth season of Rick and Morty. In this incompletely drawn passage, Morty rescues a wounded Rick from a huge voracious monster. At the last moment, the heroes manage to fly to Earth, but their space dish is hopelessly broken up. Preparing for death, Morty manages to call his beloved Jessica goodbye. This conversation, however, inspires Morty to cling to life to the last, with the result that the heroes sit on the water relatively safely. The video ends with Mr. Nimbus, Rick’s implacable enemy, emerging from under the water.

Also, Adult Swim has released an eight-minute anime short, in which Morty finds himself in Tokyo to confront genocide.

In a recent online Twitch stream, Harmon revealed that the script for Season 5 of Rick and Morty is ready, so the show’s creative team is now working on Season 6. However, the release date of the fifth is still unknown.