Richard Grenell has left the post of US Ambassador to Germany

Richard Grenell left the post of US Ambassador to Germany, the Embassy’s website says that the position of head of the diplomatic mission is “vacant.”
As reported on the website, in the absence of the Ambassador, his duties are performed by his Deputy, in Berlin, this is Robin Quinville.

Grenell was an Ambassador in Berlin for almost two years. He was an active speaker in the German media. He became known for his harsh statements in connection with the construction of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline and Germany’s financial responsibility within NATO. At the end of May, he, in particular, said that new sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” could be quickly adopted by the US Congress, despite the election campaign in the States.

Many of Ambassador Grenell’s statements were criticized by opposition politicians in Germany, calling them interference in Berlin’s sovereign policy.
On Monday, Grenell officially announced his resignation in Washington, while at a reception with US President Donald Trump, the dpa news agency reported earlier. In February of this year, Grenell was appointed acting Director of national intelligence, but more first, the US Senate confirmed John Ratcliffe as Director of federal information. Radcliffe will be sworn in soon. According to the DPA agency, Grenell may be involved in the election campaign of Donald Trump.

Author: Steve Cowan
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