Researchers unveil a way to instantly get immunity to COVID-19

Researchers from the UK have presented a drug that is able to instantly build immunity to coronavirus. If it passes the tests, it will go on sale in April 2021.

Researchers from the UK are testing a new drug that they believe could instantly build immunity to the coronavirus. The experiments are taking place at University College London (UCLH). This therapy can be useful as an emergency treatment for inpatient hospitals and nursing home residents.

The drug was developed by scientists from the University and AstraZeneca. The Medicines and Healthcare Agency is expected to approve the drug for use in the country as early as next week.

The research team hopes the antibody cocktail protects against COVID-19 for 6 to 12 months during the tests. Participants in the trial will receive it in two doses, which they must take in sequence.

Researchers expect the drug to be available as early as March or April 2021. The study involves scientists from UCLH, as well as several UK hospitals. University College Hospital became the first place in the world where patients were recruited into a randomized controlled trial and received an injection of a drug or placebo.

“So far, we have injected 10 participants – staff, students and others – who have been exposed to the virus at home, in a medical facility or in student halls. We and my colleagues will closely follow the participants who decide to help us with the experiment, ”the researchers noted.

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