Researchers in the United States and Russia will jointly develop a unique technology for genome editing

According to the rector of Skoltech, academician of RAS Alexander Kuleshov, this technology “really radically changed the idea of diseases and ways to combat them”.

Russian and American scientists will jointly develop a unique technology for editing CRISPR genomes, which significantly expands the possibilities of treatment of many diseases. This was reported on Thursday by the press service of the Skolkovo Institute of science and technology (Skoltech).

To this end, Skoltech, the Broad Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT, USA) and Harvard University (USA) and Rutgers University (USA) signed a tripartite agreement on cooperation in the field of CRISPR.

Within the framework of the agreement, the partners intend to provide the world scientific and biotechnological community opportunities “for commercial use of the intellectual property created by the joint efforts of the parties in the field of CRISPR”

“These developments include, in particular, the joint inventions of Harvard University scientists and MIT in the field of CRISPR systems, referred to as C2c1 (Cas12b) and C2c2 (Cas13). At the beginning of 2015, it was announced that a joint group of scientists from partner universities managed not only to open such CRISPR systems, but also to describe their properties,” the report said.

The technology of editing the CRISPR genome is one of the most modern methods of genetic engineering, which in the future will allow physicians to treat hereditary diseases at the embryonic level.

According to the rector of Skoltech, academician of RAS Alexander Kuleshov, the Russian Institute together with American partners creates commercially viable technology that can benefit humanity.

“CRISPR technology is really radically changed our understanding of diseases and how to combat them. I am sure that with its help, scientists will be able to successfully solve the problems of treatment of many diseases and improve the health of mankind as a whole”, the words of the senior Vice-President for research and economic development of Rutgers University David Kimball are quoted in the message.

Skoltech is a non-governmental scientific and educational institution established in 2011 within the framework of long-term cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). The main mission of Skoltech is to train highly qualified personnel in the field of advanced technologies and life Sciences.

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