Researchers from the United States have found out how Roskomnadzor slows down Twitter

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The Censored Planet project, created by Professor Roya Ensafi of the University of Michigan, has conducted research on how Roskomnadzor slows down Twitter.

The authors of the study found that the slowdown extends not only to photos and videos: for example, the technical domain, which contains the files necessary for the operation of the social network, is also slowing down.

Censored Planet notes that the technical capabilities of the department have significantly increased since the unsuccessful attempt to block the Telegram messenger.

Roskomnadzor, according to researchers, cuts the speed of access to Twitter to 100-150 kilobits per second.

Unlike blocking, where content cannot be accessed, the slowdown is aimed at degrading the quality of service, making it nearly impossible for users to distinguish it from high server load or network congestion.

The researchers found that the DPI systems used by Roskomnadzor are configured so that users cannot bypass restrictions using proxy servers if they transmit information in unencrypted form.

The authors also offered users a theoretical way to get around the slowdown: you need to leave the open tab with the site for 10 minutes, after this time, the slowdown, presumably, should go away.

Author: John Kessler
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