Researchers develop “Liquid Diamonds”

Researchers from Hong Kong presented a new method of forming “liquid diamonds.” In the future, they can be used in electronics.

A research team led by the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has shown a large, uniform stretching diamond massif they made using a nanomechanical approach. They will now be able to use deformed diamonds in functional devices in microelectronics, photonics, and quantum information technology.

“Tensile experiments have shown for the first time the extremely high uniform resilience of diamond. Our results demonstrate the feasibility of developing electronic devices through the deformation engineering of diamond structures, ”the researchers noted.

The researchers explained that diamond is considered a highly efficient electronic and photonic material due to its ultra-high thermal conductivity, exceptional carrier mobility, high breakdown capacity, and ultra-wide bandwidth. Therefore, scientists consider it one of the best materials that can be used in electronics.

The scientists also found that nanoscale diamonds can be flexed elastically with greater local deformation. This proves that the properties of the material can be used to develop functional diamond devices.

Author: John Kessler
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