Research: The human brain evolves into a larger and larger mode

Scientists from the University of New England conducted a new study of the evolution of the brain and found that over time, its shape not only increased but also became “correct”, reports Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

While the size of the brain has long been the main factor that speaks of the evolution of a living creature, there were no studies that would evaluate the correctness of the form, since there are a large number of differences in its structure.

Researchers are interested in why people during the course of evolution received just such a shape and size of the brain. To answer the question, they conducted a large evolutionary analysis using samples of three-dimensional digital reconstructions of the brain of primates.

Human brain development

The results show that the brains of species such as chimpanzees, papion monkeys, and humans quickly enlarge with evolution. These characteristics differ in other species: lemurs and monkeys of the New World, they evolve more slowly.

Heat maps show that the human brain is typically convex in the prefrontal cortex, and in baboons, on the contrary, changes occur in the temporal and occipital regions.

Humans and, to a small extent, monkeys demonstrate a massive reorganization of brain regions that are responsible for complex thinking, articulation, and social behavior.

Gabriele Sansalone, doctor and lead researcher doctor