Research: Men die from COVID-19 twice as often as women

Men die from COVID-19 twice as often as women. This is the conclusion made by scientists from Beijing Tongren Hospital as a result of the first study of gender differences in the effects of a new type of coronavirus. The work was published in Frontiers in Public Health.

Although most people with COVID-19 are relatively easy to tolerate, identifying factors that predispose people to severe illness and death can help society protect and cure those at greatest risk.

Scientists have already confirmed that elderly patients with COVID-19 and patients with a number of diseases (in more detail, HiTech talked about them here) are at a greater risk of serious complications and death.

Researchers have now noticed that men get COVID-19 more severely and die twice as often as women. To do this, scientists analyzed several patient data sets to determine if there are differences in how men and women tolerate the disease. A total of 1,099 patients included medical records.

The study showed that although the age of the studied men and women was the same, men suffered the disease harder and more often died of complications associated with it.

The authors note that they studied a small sample – for more accurate data, it is necessary to scale the study to a large group of patients.

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