Research: Coronavirus particles stay in the air longer in hospitals than previously thought

Chinese scientists have published a new study on the spread of a new type of coronavirus – in medical institutions. This is written by the Chinese newspaper SCMP.

Scientists from Wuhan University measured the concentration of Sars-CoV-2 RNA in the air in 30 different places in two main hospitals where they treated infected coronavirus infection.

Previously, it was believed that despite the fact that the virus can be on various objects for quite a long time, it cannot live long in the air in the form of tiny particles – aerosols. However, it turned out that the smallest particles of coronavirus can be in the air for a long time after the doctors take off their protective suits.

Particles can also fly away from masks that doctors remove when leaving the so-called dirty areas, the study said. At the same time, scientists note that so far there is not enough data on whether there will be enough such particles in order to infect another person with COVID-19. This requires additional research.

For added protection, doctors advise ventilating more often where potential coronavirus infected people may be, as well as avoiding large crowds.

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